Our Beginning

My name is Lin Zhang, and I was compelled to create my skincare company Aromazone 13 years ago.  I was a first-time, young mum struggling with my tiny daughter’s painful eczema.  We spent a lot of time at the doctor’s together, and I was concerned with the constant application of cortisone.  The turning point came when a friend told me about aromatherapy.  I educated myself by going to workshops and reading many books.  My curiosity was insatiable.

I experimented with natural ingredients and recipes on myself and my family.  Thankfully, my daughter’s eczema was alleviated, and I was called on to create aromatic blends for my friends.  I created my company to share my interest in natural skincare with a wider audience, even supplying products to a salon in Hong Kong.

Wanting to increase my education even more, I studied aromatherapy and beauty therapy, specialising in natural skincare.  As a professional aromatherapist, I enjoyed a deeper understanding of both my customers’ skin complaints and the actions of the active ingredients themselves.

The Aromazone skincare products are natural, plant-based products with essential oils and extracts that gently rebalance and restore the skin.  The 100% pure and natural essential oils in addition have a great impact on our general wellbeing through their influence on mood and emotion as we inhale their fragrance as we apply them.

The Aromazone ritual is based on mindfulness, care and kindness as we apply the products in a deeply healing and restorative daily routine at home.  In salons, it supplies beauticians with a gentle but effective natural alternative that enhances the magic of facial and body treatments.

I welcome you to the Aromazone family and look forward to hearing your experiences with aromatherapy and your revitalized skincare ritual.  Find us on Facebook and Instagram.


Our Product

All ingredients are natural and plant-based
100% pure and natural essential oils

Benefits of Natural Products

• Gentle on the skin
• Environmentally friendly
• More nutrients and fatty acids in plant-based ingredients
• Less irritation for the skin and reduces the risk of allergy and skin damage
• No artificial fragrances; instead pure essential oils that benefit mood and emotion as well body and skin


Helps symptoms of eczema, helps dry and oily skin, balance body and mind, nourishes and rejuvenates all skin types, addresses skin complaints

Our Value

• Organic products and ingredients

• Avoid harmful chemicals that leave toxic residue in the body causing disease and skin damage

• 100% Australian made and owned

• Manufactured to stringent standards

• Paragon free / fragrance free / preservative free / petroleum free / no synthetic fragrance or colour / sulphate free